Surrounded by gorgeous Montana nature your journey toward innovative and holistic wellness is one that will create a sustainable shift in your life. This 5-Day Fasting Week gives you a base to personalize and practice at home. 

Prolon® the first and only scientifically-tested Fasting Mimicking Diet. It is the first company to be granted a patent for optimizing human healthspan, the lengh of time that a person is healthy. What that means is Prolon allows your body to biologically experience the benefits of fasting without totally giving up food. Each day’s food has been specifically formulated to deliver rich nutrients that nourish your body while it remains in a fasted state.This triggers an incredible series of biological responses including weight loss, metabolic optimization, and cellular clean up and renewal.It’s a innovative and practical way to mimic a fasting state while going about your life as usual.

Sample Schedule

8:00 am   Morning Practice
11:00 am   Learning Session
2:00 pm   Outside / Walk or Field Trip
4:00 pm   Learning Session
6:00 pm   "Beam In"  Group & Experts
8:00 pm   Movie / Music
Meals: 9 am, 12 pm, 7 pm


Affirmations, Silence, Reading, Visualization, exercise & Writing


Prolon® Fasting Mimicking Diet Box

Outside / Field Trips

Bear Canyon Trail, Medicine Wheel, Buffalo Jump, Yellowstone National Park, Headwaters State Park, Labyrinth, The 'M'

Kitchen & Learning Sessions

Prolon FAQs,  Benefits & Types of Fasting, PureBox Green Drink, 5 Pillars & 7 Steps of the Longevity Diet

Movement & Wellness 

7-10 minute workouts & yoga. Foundation Training, Feet Up Training Chakra's,  Essential Oils, Bio-Marker Testing, Medicine Wheel

Movies & Entertainment

Fasting, The Game Changers, The Science of Fasting, Heal, Forks over Knives, Cancer Can be Killed

Kirtan, Gong, Yoga Nidra, Sound Vibrations

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