As a Day Student for the Fasting Weeks in Bozeman you'll arrive at 8AM and leave in the evening to spend the night at your home or an hotel.  All food and activities will be held at Bear Canyon Wellness Center.

Sample Schedule

8:00 am   Morning Practice
11:00 am   Learning Session
2:00 pm   Outside / Walk or Field Trip
4:00 pm   Learning Session
6:00 pm   "Beam In"  Group & Experts
8:00 pm   Movie / Music
Meals: 9 am, 12 pm, 7 pm


Affirmations, Silence, Reading, Visualization, exercise & Writing


Prolon® Fasting Mimicking Diet Box

Outside / Field Trips

Bear Canyon Trail, Medicine Wheel, Buffalo Jump, Yellowstone National Park, Headwaters State Park, Labyrinth, The 'M'

Kitchen & Learning Sessions

Prolon FAQs,  Benefits & Types of Fasting, PureBox Green Drink, 5 Pillars & 7 Steps of the Longevity Diet

Movement & Wellness 

7-10 minute workouts & yoga. Foundation Training, Feet Up Training Chakra's,  Essential Oils, Bio-Marker Testing, Medicine Wheel

Movies & Entertainment

Fasting, The Game Changers, The Science of Fasting, Heal, Forks over Knives, Cancer Can be Killed

Kirtan, Gong, Yoga Nidra, Sound Vibrations

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